One of the most common ways that a person can get her driver’s license suspended is to forget to take any action on a traffic ticket after being cited for a traffic violation. This sort of situation is commonly referred to as .an unpaid ticket.. It is bad enough to have your driver.s license suspended for an unpaid ticket. But the consequences from getting caught driving during a period due to an unpaid ticket can be a lot worse. A first moving violation during a period of suspension may suspend your license for a year. A second moving violation during such a period may suspend your license for two years. And a third moving violation during such a period may suspend your license permanently.


There is no need to worry excessively, as experienced traffic lawyers in Jacksonville and Kenansville, NC, like myself, can get the situation untangled without too much difficulty. As other attorneys would agree, my approach to a situation like this is to go to the root cause of the problem, i.e., the unpaid ticket that got your license suspended in the first place, and work my way back to the current ticket. Going about it this way, I may be able to get you to a position where you can get his/her license reinstated well before all the pending tickets are disposed of. Once you get your license reinstated this way, the court will look upon your situation favorably and we can get a good resolution in regard to the remaining tickets.

​Another common way that a person can get his/her license suspended is by being convicted for a DWI. The most important thing to remember in such a situation is not drive until your license is properly reinstated by going through all the proper steps. If you are caught driving during a period of suspension that resulted from a DWI conviction, you have put yourself in a situation where it is going to be very difficult to get the license back anytime soon. While it is not impossible to get your license reinstated in such circumstances, you may have to wait for a lengthy period of time before you become eligible for a DMV hearing in regard to your license restoration. I am fully familiar with DMV hearings. In such situations, I will be able to guide you and assist you all the way.