It is not once or twice that we realize during a consultation with a prospective client that a bad mistake has been made because the client is not familiar with the law. We understand that legal jargon can be intimidating to some people, and we also understand that it is not easy to learn the law by reading. That’s exactly why we have decided to create these mini-videos where we will explain some of the basic concepts in criminal and family law in an easy, accessible and entertaining way. It is our hope that you, members of the public, watch our videos, get entertained and learn something in the process. Now, get your popcorn ready!


The Castle Law Firm YouTube Channel Trailer


The Elements of DWI and some of the Defenses

In this clip, Paul Castle goes over the basic elements of the DWI law and explores some of the defenses against the DWI charge.


The Basics about Separation and Divorce

Joe Peterson bexplains what conditions must be satisfied for a couple to be deemed separated.  He also briefly discusses what issues typically arise when a husband and a wife are separated.


The Miranda Rights and Some of  the Common Misconceptions

Paul Castle gives a quick overview of how the Miranda Rights have originated.  Paul also goes over some of the common misconceptions about the Miranda rights.


How to Handle Traffic Tickets

Joe Peterson explains how best a traffic ticket can be handled by delving into the difference between a moving violation and a non-moving violation.